Sunday, September 24, 2006

First night home

I'm out of the hospital now. It feels good to be home but I miss my sweet babies. I feel like I'm supposed to be overwhelmingly sad that my babies are left back at the NICU and not home with us but I'm not. I'm thankful that we made it to our planned c-section date and that they were all born so strong and not needing any medical assistance beyond feedings. I'm thankful that I have a bit of time to recover before they are all home and we are completely responsible for their well being. I'm thankful that we have family to pitch in and visit the babies so that they get lots of cuddling time.

Grandma Gigi is already at the first feeding of the day. Dad and I are at home. I'm pumping and David is reading me baby tips from his father's book.

We will go to breakfast, then on to Seton NICU for changing, 11:00, 11:30 and noon feedings, then spend some quality snuggling time with our brood. They need to be eating regularly and gaining weight before they are released.

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