Thursday, January 11, 2007


Wow, the babies are growing so fast. Over the last couple weeks the babies have started eating more (~ 7oz per feeding) and we were able to drop another feeding (down to five feedings). Horray!

Check out the boys in their 'big boy' camo pants (to the right).

As they approach their 4th month birthday and I return to work, we are working on getting them on a 'by the clock' schedule, rather than starting each day at a different time. They now have a regular bedtime at almost 6:30pm and morning wake up time around 7:30am. It is nice to finally have a consistent routine. I think it is also good for the babies to know what to expect.

We also started our night time ritual: bath/pjs, botttle, book, bed. Of course they only have 'real' baths a couple times a week. I'm looking forward to the day that we can put everyone in the tub together. It will either be really fun or really crazy or more likely both.

Their favorite book is Pajama Time. It is so much fun, they are really engaged and love to look at the colorful drawings. Evan was helping me 'turn' the pages yesterday! He is still singing along with the ooh yeahs, saying ooh oooh :)

Here is the routine we try to follow these days (more or less):

7:15 AM Quiet Awake
7:30 AM Feeding and diaper change, open shades and play music
8:00 AM Awake Time (read books, play music, sing songs, etc)
9:00 AM Morning nap time (~1hr 45 min)

10:45 AM Feeding and diaper change, play music
11:15 AM Awake Time
12:15 PM Afternoon nap time (~1 hr 45 min)

Late Afternoon
2:00 PM Feeding and diaper change, play music
2:30 PM Awake Time
3:30 PM Late afternoon nap Time (~1hr)
4:30 PM Awake Time (good time for walk/jog w/ babies)

Early Evening
5:00 PM Bath/PJs
5:20 PM Feeding and diaper change, play relaxing music, lights low
6:30 PM Bedtime

Middle of Night
3:00 AM Feeding, diaper change

Nights are getting easier and easier. Babies all sleep soundly from 6:30ish until at least 1:30am. I'm often up to give Evan or Lily a paci at this time but they go back to sleep until the middle of the night feeding. But occasionally, I won't hear a peep from anyone until after 3am. Will is still a champion sleeper, seems like I'm always having to wake him up at night to eat. We consider ourselves very lucky that everyone is sleeping so well. And I'm starting to get used to going to bed earlier myself.

We still have a night nanny once a week to ensure that we have a least one solid night of sleep. This week we had Marah two nights because Daddy was in Las Vegas for CES. Grandma is also getting more comfortable with taking the night shift and has been able to help out a few nights.

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