Thursday, March 01, 2007

Five Months Old

Last night Team Freas hit a big milestone. The kids went down at 7pm and slept until 6am the next morning! Mom and Dad celebrated by taking the family for a morning jog.

Evan has been enjoying practicing turning from back to front by twisting his legs over. He doesn't quite make it all the way yet but he is so close and determined. He's made great strides in bath time, actually starting to enjoy himself on occasion. Evan is very outgoing and adorable at bedtime, when changing into pjs he gets ticklish and loves to laugh.

Lily has become quite adept at managing her bottle and she likes to hold it all by herself during feeding times. What a independent girl. Lily is an extremely happy baby and she has a stellar smile. We will go to get her after naps and often she is talking or singing to herself content in her crib. When she sees us she kicks and smiles with excitement.

Will is now rolling over easily and can even sit up for extended moments of time. He has been exploring making new sounds including blowing rasberries to get our attention. He looks like a Gerber baby with his chubby cheeks, large eyes and no hair. Will is a mellow tempered baby and has a sweet flirtatious smile.

They have all been enjoying their first solids. Squash was their foray into solids. Green beans didn't go over so well (ask David) but bananas are a favorite. They have also sampled carrots and apple sauce.

They are now enjoying their toys much more. The exersaucer is a new addition and keeps them enthralled for many minutes. Evan is able to twirl around to explore the variety of toys, Lily likes to have conversations with the hand puppet duck, and Will likes to activate the dragon stuffed animal by squeezing the buttons on its hand.

Lets see...their favorite books these days are Oh my, Oh my, Oh Dinosaurs, Pajama Time, Ten Little Ladybugs and Urban Babies Wear Black.

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