Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boys 1st Football Game

David and Jason took the boys to the orange and white scrimmage game. It was their first football game and of course they loved it - there was lots of activity, people and colorful players running across the field to watch. They likely got the idea that football is an exciting sport. Despite missing nap time they were generally in good spirits. Apparently Will would get a little fussy when the cannon would go off disturbing his attempt to catch a nap.

And don't worry, Lily will get to go another time. We have been rotating through activities so that there is one adult per baby and they can get undivided attention. Last week Lily and Evan got to go on a field trip to IKEA which was another busy, colorful place with lots of new things to see. This morning Will and I went for a walk to Pacha together for my morning coffee, enjoying all the birds and spring flowers along the way.

Most of the time they have to share our attention and their toys and are already learning how to wait their turn, for the next bite of food or for their bath. They should be pros at sharing and cooperation by the time they get to preschool.

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