Saturday, May 26, 2007


I've been trying to use sign language but haven't been very consistent. We've been focusing on 'milk', 'thank you', 'please', 'more' and 'all done'. I have no idea if they are getting any of this. From what I've read, sign language is a great way to ease frustration over trying to communicate as babies develop their language skills.

Speaking of languages, Mayela also speaks to them predominately in Spanish. I have no real basis for this, but I think they understand her. I'm inferring this just from their expressions. It would be a great gift to have them learn two languages very early in age. From what I have read, multiples start talking later, and children that learn more than one language start talking later. So, I'm aware that it may cause some delays, or seem like they are delayed. Apparently, when bilingual kids do start talking, they can master both languages and catch up quickly. Same with multiples, they don't feel the same need to talk because they have their own special language, but when they do talk they do just fine. Interestingly enough, studies show that boy multiples tend to have more of a delay, while girl multiples are often ahead of singletons. Hmm.

Here we are reading some of the cool spanish children's books Mayela bought the babies.

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