Sunday, May 27, 2007


One thing that interesting about baby blogging, is that it makes it very clear just how quickly babies change.

Last Sunday I blogged that Evan pulled himself to standing for the first time and was so impressed. He does it all the time now, it's 'old news' and if I didn't go back and read my post it would have felt that he has been doing this for weeks. He has even mastered putting one hand down to let himself sit back down instead of careening backwards. Not that he doesn't still have some spectacular tumbles. I want to get him a tee shirt that I saw that says 'I do my own stunts'.

So I can reflect back in a couple of weeks here is a note on the latest developments:

Will and Lily are now pulling themselves to knees. Will loves to go exploring, crawling rather quickly across the den, through our bedroom and into the bathroom. The bathroom floor makes fun sounds when you smack it. Lily can move easily from crawling to sitting and has lots of interesting yoga moves. Evan was standing in his crib when we went to go get him after his nap this morning.

Will has been saying Dada for a couple of weeks now and hasn't stopped - and I thought he would be the last to start talking. Lily started making a bunch of new sounds just yesterday, including Da, La, Ba, Blah. Evan is in a squealing stage, he is loud and loving life.

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Carolyn said...

Watch out mom, Tomorrow they are going to start Kindergarden!
(stuff happens way to fast)
Keep them babies as long as you can.