Monday, June 18, 2007

Lily Nine Month Check Up

Grammy Clare took Lily to the doctor today for her nine month well baby check up and to make sure her eye and ear infection cleared up before we fly up to Pennsylvania for the family reunion. I've been swamped with work because of the upcoming product launches and need to get things wrapped up before we head out of town, so I greatly appreciated the help.

The good news is that Lily's ears and eyes seem fine and she is still growing strong and catching up in size. Clare said that Lily was very talkative at the visit and only cried for a bit when she got her shot.

Lily's stats:
Weight 17lbs 13oz (30th percentile)
Height 27in (45th percentile)
Head 44.5cm (70th percentile)

The bad news is that the doctor also discovered a heart murmur and referred her to a cardiologist. We won't be able to make an appointment until after our trip. I have no idea how serious it is but from my quick web search it sounds pretty common and often not a cause for concern.

I'm glad Clare was able to take Lily to the doctor by herself, seems like she got a more thorough exam. I'll be taking the boys next week after our vacation.

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