Sunday, July 08, 2007

First Emergency Room Visit

The new Dell Children's hospital opened last Saturday, just in time. We had our first (minor) emergency which felt more major in the moment.

Evan went to pet Max who was sleeping peacefully on the couch. Max typically runs off or bats a little with his paw if accosted but this time he used his claws and got in a tangle with Evan's lower eye lid. He rushed over from changing Will and untangled the two. It looked terrible, he called me out of the shower, I quickly dressed, we packed every one up and headed out.

The new Children's hospital is beautiful and very close, nice to know with three children. They were friendly and expeditious. There was almost no wait.
Evan was a trooper, he smiled at the staff and only cried a bit when the doctor was cleaning his eye. Once the blood was gone it didn't look bad enough for stitches and they sent us home with a topical ointment and antibiotics. Whew!

Evan with the culprit. Anyone want a friendly lap cat?


MB said...

So scary... glad he is okay! Poor cat was probably just trying to defend himself, but I'd be looking for a new home for him too.

Jennifer and David said...

yes, Max is a sweet cat. too bad he is behaving badly. He took a good swip at Will the other day. we haven't figured out what we are going to do.