Friday, July 20, 2007

Tex Mex

Babies got their first taste of Mexican food last Saturday, chicken tacos from El Sol y La Luna. The new baby got a craving for chicken tacos, and only the best most fresh tacos. Evan wouldn't nap, so I packed him up and left the rest of the gang and Dad napping, while we drove across town to pick up tacos.

As you can see everyone had a very enjoyable lunch. Lily is probably the best eater, even though she has the least amount of teeth.

Official Tooth Count
Evan: 6
Will: 3
Lily: 1


Anonymous said...

E: 6 teeth means you should be able to bite Max back at this point.

Memo: 3 teeth, huh? I can't be sure, but I'd bet you could take down a whole burrito supreme with just 3 teeth... I've seen what you can do to a whole box of poofs, and that was with no teeth.

Lily: One tooth? Hey, who's counting, really? Memo will tell you that one's tooth count is not the measure of his/her appetite... besides, you did pretty darn well with those two pieces of watermelon on the 4th of July.

Besos y abrazos,

Tio Jason

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!!!!! And soon to be come bigger and more beautiful - WOW!!!! We miss you and would love to meet the little ones!!! San Diego is ready for y'all when you're ready for "it!!!" Kisses all around from the Ram Family!!!