Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Evan signed 'more' today at Pacha for Sarah. She was doling out bits of muffin to the trio and her son Camden while I was ordering our iced lattes. When asked, "Who wants more?" Evan signed 'more'. He did it several times. We were both surprised. I guess the signing we have been doing is beginning to sink in.


Casey's trio said...

Just thought I would chime in on the baby signs topic. We use signs with our girls and they had a little explosion of signing when they were about your kiddos' age. "More" was also the first sign we saw..soon followed by please! Our girls loved to watch the baby signs DVD's (which helped me learn too) and we just took a Baby Signs say & play class this summer, which was alot of fun. The girls now pair the signs while saying the word...Keep it up because they are soaking it in and it makes life so much easier when they can tell you what they want!

Grammy Freas said...

This sounds exciting! The guys have got lots to show me when we meet up again on Tuesday. Love, Gram

Smooch said...

Our signs are "sort of" sinking in too. Their all-time favorite is milk. They sometimes do more and all done. I have just started thank you, but not please yet - guess I'm more of a utilitarian, but it would be nice. Can you tell me which dvds you used?