Friday, September 28, 2007

One Year Checkup

I called to make our one year appointment yesterday. They had an opening for the same day but not another one for several weeks so I decided to take it - even though I didn't have the SUV. So we walked the mile to the doctor office on our wagon. It may just be more trouble to get everyone buckled in and out of the car seats and into the strollers anyway.

Developmentally everyone was doing great walking, saying a few words, growing well etc. Only concern was Will not clapping, but he was happily playing 'high five' with Dr. Mani and babbling away. He said 'dat' 'dat' and pointed to her stethescope with his thumb. Just like Lily does.

I asked about the MMR vaccine and Autism connection. She refuted it and cited a new study that just came out this week. But she also gave me the option on waiting for Will until 15 months. She says that there are often early signs of Autism and that he didn't really show any besides not clapping but that you really can't tell if children will have Autism until later. That is so scary. I decided to hold off for now. She felt fine with it since there is not an outbreak right now in Austin.

Later last night I was telling David about the clapping and showing Will to clap. He clapped for a while for David. Little bugger, figured out how to get out of his shot :)

They also got Hep A and Hep B shots plus blood drawn for iron and lead tests (the former because of all the toy recalls and the later because we live in a house built in 1939). By the end we had three hysterical babies. We had our nurse, another nurse favorite Vernetta, and our old lactation consultant Linda all helping. Vernetta even offered to stop by on Monday during her lunch break to take the blood tests since they were already upset. Can you believe how nice? But I decided to just quickly get it all over with.

Dr. told us we are good to move completely to milk - no more formula. And recommended that everyone is off bottles before Quatro arrives. Everytime I see her she complements me on being calm and says that is really important for the babies, and especially because there are so many. Am I calm? or is she just trying to encourage me?

The walk home in the wagon was relaxing. By the time we pulled up in the driveway everyone was happy again. Next visit I am only taking one or two at a time.

One Year Stats

Height 30 in (50th percentile)
Weight 20lbs 15 oz (25th percentile) biggest baby
Head 47cm (55th percentile)

Height 28 3/4 in (40th percentile)
Weight 19lbs 10oz (25th percentile)
Head 46cm (70th percentile)

Height 29in (25th percentile) getting bigger! last time he was 15th percentile.
Weight 20 lbs (20th percentile) not so chunky like we thought
Head 46cm (45th percentile)

Look how similar Will and Lily are in size, they look most alike too.


Michele S said...

Everyone comments on how calm I am too. CALM??? I'M FREAKING CRAZY WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Congrats on making it to one year. They are doing great.

Anonymous said...

HI, hope Gloria is on he mend. we just arrived in madrid from lisbon. things are going well, but we miss you all! we´re having paella for dinner, bet it´s not as goood as jenn´s. love to all Clare and bill

MaryBeth said...

How neat that you can walk to your ped's office... think I'd do it that way every time!!