Monday, September 17, 2007


David got his first glimpse of Quatro today. We had our big ultrasound appointment this morning. The one where they examine and measure all the main body parts and organs - the lobes of the brain, formation of the spine, chambers of the heart, stomach, kidneys, even the lips and nose. Everything looked perfect.

We listened to the precious heartbeat and saw him move around. He was quite active today and already starting his practice breathing. They estimated his weight at 13oz.

It is amazing how much more we could see this time around with just one baby to view.

We also got our C-section date, Friday January 18th noon. How's that for planning? With the trio we were told to be ready for them anytime after 30 weeks, so we ended up having our hospital bags packed for over six weeks.

Quatro's face or skull rather. Who do you think he looks like?

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jen@amazingtrips said...

You are going to have so much fun with one baby. I truly feel so blessed - it's a million times better than I imagined it would be!