Monday, September 10, 2007

Twinkle Toes

Mom and I bought Lily some adorable Pediped's tonight, my favorite baby shoes. A girl who is walking needs pretty shoes. She has almost completely given up crawling.

It's so nice to have at least one girl to play dress up with. She is going to look so smart at the birthday parties next Saturday.

Which pair is your favorite?

Nina Black Patent

Zoe Pink Metalic


Joelle said...

i personally, am into the classics. a girl can't go wrong with black patton leather! :)

Smooch said...

I just got the girls the metallic pink ones yesterday! We must be on the same wavelength. I really want the RED patent leather too. Zappos had free overnight shipping.

Where did you find yours? I went to Sandy's but it was picked over

Jennifer said...

Jenny, how funny. We should get a photo with all three of our girls for the pediped gallery.

I purchased ours from

If you purchase 2 or more you can get free 2 day expedited shipping - just enter coupon code ship4free in the coupon code box in your shopping basket. (this offer is kind of hidden on the site).

Jennifer said...

oh, and I really wanted the red patent leather too but ended up being too practical. lily doesn't have as many clothes that would go with them.

Linnea Schramm said...

I agree with the black patent leather, they are adorable. Has Grandma G taught Lily the "3 out of 3 Rule" yet??