Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Will's First Words

Will learned how to say 'uh oh' this week and 'no' (witnessed by Grandma G).

I've been a bit concerned about Will because Lily and Evan were saying words and he wasn't. Although he does 'talk' a lot, maybe we just don't understand him. Lily and Evan babble more, repeating syllables and the words they know while Will says things like 'Gr ba hu Trub!' with much emotion. I think many babies don't talk until they turn one, I don't mean to rush things. It's just hard not to compare the three.

Lily and Evan have been clapping for a while now and just this week started waving bye-bye. We have been practicing clapping with Will but he is still not that interested. He prefers to flap his arms up and down or play peek-a-boo with us.

Lily has started pointing - with her left thumb. It is pretty cute, she likes to point to the animals and 'gugs' in her books and give them kisses. We got our Halloween costumes in the mail last night, and they got kisses too.

Word Tally

Lily: dada, mama, duck, gug (bug), go

Evan: dada, mama, duck, hey baby, Evan

Will: dada, uh oh, no ('na' or 'na na' when i tell him or a sibling no no)

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