Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For the Grandparents

Here are a few photos for the grandparents. Grammy and Papa are traveling in Europe right now and Grandma G is back in Florida. I know they are checking in to see some latest photos. These pics are not great as the babies are a bit harder to capture these days now that they are all walking and constantly on the move.

Cowbaby Will riding the pony. They still love this pony and David and I can't get the song out of our head 'I'm a little pony, clipity clop, clipity clop...I like my coat brushed down by the old oak tree...". When it makes galloping sounds they hop up and down like they are going fast, I don't know how they just know this.

And Will is off...practically running. This is why I can't get good pics these days.


Hanging with Dad. I'll try to post a pic of Lily soon.

Happy travels Grammy and Papa. We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving visit Grandma G.


GrammaG said...

Wow, they do look busy! Being able to walk where they want to go must be such fun for them. So many places to see, and adventures to explore.

The Kenworthy Crew said...

The babies just keep getting cuter (is that even possible?). We can't wait to meet the whole crew over Thanksgiving!