Monday, October 22, 2007

Team Freas Down

Lily caught the first stomach bug for the crew. She was happy this morning on our walk to Pacha, even in the dreary mist. I brought Lily along to the grocery store this morning and she seemed very content. But she awoke from her morning nap vomit ting. Poor thing, about 10 times in a little over an hour. It is so sad to see such a little thing suffer. I was able to fit her into a doctor appointment and they gave me a script for Zofran. This evening she was doing a lot better and able to eat some crackers and drink some Pedilyte that David picked up for her. I hope that was the worst of it and that it doesn't spread through the house.

The boys have a terrible cough, including David. Not sure if I need to take them to the doctor or if the cold is just running its natural course. Will never seemed sick but his chest cough is very deep and hacky. Evan has had a runny nose since his fever last week. I'll have to see how they are doing in the morning. I don't want this to turn into pneumonia.

Grammy and Papa's first leg of their flight home was delayed and they are stuck in Amsterdam. They will be returning tomorrow night instead of tonight.

Hopefully we will all be a lot better by the time they arrive.

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