Tuesday, October 16, 2007


October 15th 2006, was our trio's actual due date. Will, Evan and Lily are now 'adjusted age' one year olds. Our babies have become real toddlers and are certainly acting like toddlers. They love being outside and walking everywhere. They climb these playscape stairs at the park and throw themselves down the slide hands forward, belly down. What fun.

Will has been stirring up toddler sized trouble, grabbing toys or bottles from his siblings. He has been driving Lily crazy. I had to put him in time out for a minute in the playpen this morning because he wouldn't stop climbing all over Lily and knocking her bottle out of her mouth. He can also be such a cute cuddly bear that you can't get mad at him.

Poor Evan has some bad bug and a terrible diaper rash to boot. No one was answering the doctor's appointment line and when I told the nurse I thought he had about 102 fever but couldn't find my thermometer she did not take me seriously. David had the brilliant idea to bring him in anyway and tell them that I did check and that he had a fever. And so I did just that, and low and behold when they checked it was 102. You can really can just tell by touching them after experiencing a few fevers.

We were an absolute mess. I had quickly packed everyone up in the wagon after their nap and a rushed snack. I didn't put shorts or shoes on them because that just takes too long and I was trying to get there before they closed. I also didn't bring a diaper bag because I didn't think we would end up being gone almost two hours. Envision us showing up at the doctors office, everyone dirty from the playground and from meals, no shoes or shorts. After seeing our sad sight and discovering Evan's high temp, they managed to fit us in. By the time the doctor saw us everyone had a wet diaper and starting to get bored of waiting and crying. Lovely.

They checked Evan out and couldn't find any obvious cause for the fever, so they sent us home with instructions to alternate Motrin and Tylenol and give him a tepid bath. They told me to wake him in the middle of the night to give him more pain relief to manage the fever. He has lost 10 ounces since our one year check up. They also gave me a prescription for the rash. Thank goodness Carmen was able to come back over for an hour in the evening to help out as David is in Dallas. I was able to run out and pick up his prescription and more pain medicines while she fed them dinner. Evan's fever seems better today and the rash is much better, but he still wouldn't eat breakfast. I am feeling kinda crummy today.

A couple quick group photos.

And now they are off again...


MaryBeth said...

Good for you guessing the correct temp! Mommy skills are awesome, aren't they? I can't imagine dealing with my trio and expecting another... my hat is off to you. Love all the cute toddler pictures on the blog lately too!

GrammaG said...

If only I lived closer. Sorry I'm not there to help you. The pictures are so sweet. Love you. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there, the kids are beautiful. Mom s have special instincts when it comes to their kids. God bless you all, see you on Tuesday. m&d