Friday, December 14, 2007

Long Last Bath

I'm on my own tonight. David has been travelling all week again trying to squeeze in last meetings with clients before the holidays and before the no travel zone with Quattro's impending arrival.

I decided to see how long the babies would stay in the bath, splashing and giggling and having a grand old time if I didn't remove them. I gave up at 50 minutes of fun and took them out. Both boys promptly peed on the floor. I guess I should have been thankful they didn't go in the tub.

Then it occurred to me that this may be our last night in this house. It may be their last bath in this tub. We are moving tomorrow and the decision on our house project is still pending. It makes me a bit sad. I like this little house and our place in this world.

This is also the last month our kids get to be our babies. Not too much longer and there will be a new baby in our home.

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GrammaG said...

You really are a trooper! a trio of toddlers,a new baby boy soon to arrive,Christmas,a move,and a demanding job. I can not wait to get there to spend time with you and your family and give you some much needed rest.