Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Hellos

Today Will, Lily, and Evan said hello to their new brother and checking in to see how their mom was doing. Evan immediately smiled and said "baby".

"Hey, his nose looks like mine!"

Will decides that he'd rather hang with mom.

"Wait a second. I used to be the baby!"

Grammy is smitten.

Holden gets some good cuddle time with GG. Lily is intrigued and seems ready to be a big sister.

Who are all these little people? I recognize their voices and they look familiar...

We finally got out of there to let mom and Holden take a nap.


Heather McAdam said...

A huge congratulations to you all and welcome Holden. The pictures are fabulous. We're happy to here Holden is here and that Mom and baby are healthy.
Heather and Mike

nailgirl said...

Aww so sweet.

Jorgensen's Triplets said...

Congrats to Mom and Dad!! Welcome Holden, aka Quattro! Blessings again to all of you!
Jessi and Dane, Drake & Ava

audreypenrose said...

Aww what a sweet little guy! Congratulations and hope you are feeling okay! I'm sure Will, Evan and Lily will be big helpers :)

Boldrick said...

Congrats to both of you. Are you going to try for that basketball team? Holden looks like a good Point Guard or 2 to me.