Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Grandfather Bowl

Each year we participate in a family football bowl honoring both paternal and maternal grandfathers. Eight families participate plus Great Grammy Clare. Our team had quite a showing this year taking home the family trophy and had several top contenders. Evan, Will, David and his mom each had 18 wins and had to go to the tie breaker to fight for second place with Evan securing the honor. Lily had 15 wins and I had only 13 wins. Next stop, Vegas.

See announcement below:


Don Lewis maintained his lead and was the out-right winner with 19
correct picks same as the Vegas Pros.

David Freas and Sons, along with their Grammy
Clare(Freas) all picked 18 and led Team Freas to the Family Trophy
victory with an 16.2 average edging out the Appelbe/Lewis and Cole
clans with 15.2.

Following are the official unaudited results:

1st Don Lewis $52
2nd Evan Freas $36
3rd David Freas $16
4rd Clare Freas 0
5th Will Freas 0

Since Evan Freas is an amateur (not pro) and cannot receive money prizes, the Bowl Commission has decided to put his winnings along with his coaches winnings in escrow for his education fund!

Congratulations to all winners and thank you everyone for your participation.
Commissioner Bill Freas

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