Monday, January 21, 2008

Homecoming for Holden

Holden and Jennifer are released from Seton.

You ready to head home, Holden? He looks pretty cozy in that carrier...

The welcome party.

The trips are the midst of dropping on of their two mid-day naps. And it is painful. Evan copped a few z's, but the rest of the crew was at it all day. Can't wait until Carmen get here tomorrow.


Smooch said...

I feel your pain. We are finally past the grumpiness in the a.m., and the one nap has been at least 45 minutes for harper, and a little longer for lucy.

Jennifer is the prettiest just had a baby momma I've seen. I guess having a baby is a break from watching the trips.

Kelly said...

Congratulations Jennifer! You look amazing, and Holden is just too cute. I know this must be such a busy and exhausting time for all of you. I'm thinking of you all.

Kelly Giglio from the Trip/Quad Yahoo Group