Monday, January 28, 2008

Holden Hears a Who

Lily is talking a blue streak these days. When she tries to say 'Holden' she purses her lips and says 'who' 'who'.

I'm happy to report that Holden has recovered from his jaundice, no more daily trips to the doctor for blood draws.

Unfortunately Saturday I started getting a horrible allergic reaction. Later I found out it was likely from the glue that they use for c-sections. I got hives a couple inches above and below my incision, great big welts that started out itchy and ended up burning. Luckily most of the pain didn't set in until after David's sisters wedding - more on that beautiful event in a bit. I spent most of Saturday night absolutely miserable. The on call Dr. fit me in first thing Sunday morning. I had a mini breakdown and left with three scripts and several over the counter remedies to ease the pain. By the end of the day it was tolerable.

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Smooch said...

You poor thing. Sucky.