Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tractor and Mail Man

I haven't had a chance to write about the language explosion that the kids are going through. Evan and Lily have a vocabulary of maybe 50 words and Will has over a dozen. I'm counting any semblance of the word like 'ma' for monkey, 'mil' for milk and 'bewry' for strawberry.

Since I realized that Will was a bit behind the other two I have been paying closer attention. He tends to say 'dis' and 'dat' or 'uh' even when it is a word he knows well like 'dog'. When he is not with his siblings he will speak more and it just takes him a bit more time to respond to questions. He said 'gactor' yesterday for tractor. That kid loves trucks and tractors. Which reminds me, we were watching the little people video with the farmer on the tractor. And he went into the playroom and found the little people farmer amidst all their toys and brought him into the room. I thought that was pretty amazing.

Lily repeats just about everything we say and has the largest vocabulary. She is really into shapes and can find 'balls' aka circles, stars and 'moons' crescents everywhere. Yesterday when Buddy our mail man stopped at our house she said 'bus' (his mail truck is a small minivan), then 'mail man' and 'Buddy'.

Evan is getting better at using words to get his needs met, signing more and saying 'moo - mil' for more milk and saying 'up' when he wants to be picked up. A favorite word is 'bubbles' for bath time.

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