Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've mentioned Will's intense love for machines including trucks, buses and airplanes.

In particular he has a penchant for tractors. Last week I took him on a special outing by himself to go visit a tractor and he went nuts. He said 'gac-or, gac-tor, gac-or!' then a slew of incomprensible things about the tractor. We left grandma G a message that I wish I could find a way to post (I have the mp3 file).

I thanked the shop owner and mentioned Will's love of tractors. He said 'Of course - machinery!'

Will said 'bye-bye gac-or' the whole way home.

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Jeremy said...

As long as you're not taking him to 5 Monster Truck events in the next 2 calendar years, you're doung just fine (says the man with 2 sons)...