Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Preschool 2010

I'm researching preschools for the 2010 class year. Yep, 2010. You can get on these lists when 'in utero' so we are behind. But we still have a decent chance of getting in if we sign up right now.

Will, Evan and Lily would be three, turning four a couple weeks into the 2010 school year. I'd like for them to have some exposure to a 'school setting' and all the learning activities prior to kindergarten. Many of these programs have toddler classes so Holden could attend a 'twos' class at the same time two days a week.

So far we are on two lists:

First United Methodist (FUMP)
M/W/F or T/Th 9 to 1pm
Our neighbor sent all three of her boys to this school and gave the school a strong recommendation. The school is downtown so David could help with drop off.

Covenant Presb.
T/W/Th 9 to 1pm
Small community atmosphere. It's close by and several kids from my neighborhood attend. They will have all new buildings and playarea by 2010. They require one day a month of volunteering per child three and over - grandparents can pitch in or we can pay extra. Otherwise I would be there almost every week.

I'm also interested in Good Shepherd Episcopal. I like that church and it is nearby in Terry Town but the waitlist fee is $125 per child. I'm going to check it out and be sure it is still top of my list before plunking down $600.

For you Austinite moms, here are other schools that have been recommended to me:
  • St Matthews Episcopal Day School
  • First Presbyterian Day School
  • Bethany United Methodist School
  • All Austin Cooperative Nursery
  • UT Lab (over 500 on waitlist)
  • Discovery
The number of choices and application fees are daunting. That's why I didn't make much progress before. But now time is of the essence. Need to get these kids in line for a school!

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Smooch said...

$125? Per kid??!!! Highway robbery. These churches should be ashamed. You spend $50 and don't even get a letter confirming you are on a list. Do I sound bitter?
We have shelled out nearly $500 in deposits. Blech.