Thursday, May 29, 2008

House Next Steps

Not much progress was made on the house remodel while we were away. They had some AC placement issues to resolve. We are currently finalizing our electrical plans. Once the outside electric issues are resolved they can finish the siding and add the shingles to the roof. That will feel like progress.

Meanwhile, here is our latest kitchen design.

Overhead view.

North wall with farm house sink and stove under windows.
East Wall with pass through to front den and space in lower cabinetry for wine fridge (high priority).

I'm still unsure if we should have open floating shelving on these two walls or regular upper cabinets.South wall with island open to casual dining room and three pull out pantries to make use of the space under the stairs. I like how he put paneling along the rest of the wall to look like additional cabinetry.
West wall with refrigerator and closed upper cabinetry. We reluctantly decided against glass fronts so we could have more storage and hide the microwave. I'm still not sure I want to give up cabinet space for the microwave, but it seems better than having it on the counter top or giving up other lower cabinet space.

I love our new farm house sink.

Overall I like how it is coming together.


All Things Blue said...

Welcome home - seems you had a fantastic trip!
I love the way your planners write 'Freas residence' since in Danish 'residence' has a very grand ring to it. But then again that goes extremely well with your fantastic new kitchen.
Thank you for the chair inspiration. They're all wonderful, maybe I should just get one of each ;-)

Christie said...

Jen, Your pictures from Belize looked amazing! What a nice break for you and David. Can't wait to see the new kitchen! It looks great.
The kids are adorable and I love the lessons that they get. Thanks for writing what they is giving me great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the AC problem has been resolved. The picture of the babies in the tub is wonderful. See you tomorrow. Gram

Jennifer said...

yes 'all things blue', that does sound a bit grand. it is more of a bungalow :)