Monday, May 19, 2008

Kitchen Dissection

Apparently tons of people out there are enamoured with this kitchen from Something's Gotta Give. I've seen it referenced on several design blogs recently even though that movie came out several years ago. I found this 'How to' on this very kitchen on a All Things Blue. How timely.
I just wish I knew that paint color...


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

At first I thought WOW!! Is that her kitchen, it's awesome!!! Oh, what I'd give for a big kitchen like that, but surprisingly, I've made do (quite well) with a much smaller space. What I'd really love, though, is a double oven. Oh, baby I'd LOVE a double oven.

Your kids are adorable and they are getting so big. It's bittersweet how fast they grow!! I'm sure you're enjoying every moment. Or at least, most of them...!!

All Things Blue said...

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for comment and post. I'm so glad you could use the info. I'll look into the colour-thing asap.

Have a great day!

All Things Blue said...

Hi Jennifer - here's the results of my paint research.
I'm not quite sure about the 'white dove' colour. It seems a bit green on my screen - but of course colours look different in real life than they do on a computer. You also have to consider the natural light of your kitchen. Is it the cold light of Nort facing windows or the much warmer light of West facing ones? This will affect the tone of whatever colour you choose. My advice is to choose samples of a slightly yellow off-white paint like BM 'simple white' or 'mountain peak white' or Farrow & Ball 'Wimborne White' (all warm whites with no green, blue or red hues), paint them on large pieces of cardboard and place them in your kitchen. Choose the colour that behaves best in the natural light of your kitchen. You're going for a pale, warm look - so if your kitchen is North facing you could perhaps go for a bit more yellow like BM 'White chocolate' or perhaps even F&B 'White Tie'. Hopes this helps - and I would love to see pics of your finished kitchen.
Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

wow, thanks all things blue for your color ideas and advice.

i'll let you know what we decide.

and jen, yes, wouldn't it be great if this was my kitchen, and in the hamptons like the movie...

thanks again for your post yesterday on kitchen org. i got some good ideas for our new kitchen.


Misty said...

I love that kitchen. We are talking of redoing ours (esp the counter tops!) We already have the white cabinets. Thanks or showing this!

Is it ok to add you to my blog list??

Jennifer said...

thanks for visiting misty. and yes, feel free to add a link.