Friday, June 20, 2008

More Mischief

Nap time today is going down hill fast.

It started out well and all was quiet for a half an hour, then I heard talking. When I checked in Lily was out of her crib and had pushed the boys cribs around. She had Evan's crib barricading the door.

I took Lily's paci away and told her that she had to be in her crib to have it back. It worked for a moment but then she and will began throwing their animals back and forth. When I went back in she was trying to climb back into Evan's crib and he was in tears.

She is now in a pack in play in the playroom.

I just peaked in and she was half way out, I told her to lay down, she did.

I still hear the boys, I'm going to head in and see if I can get them calmed back down.


I gave the boys bottles of milk and they fell immediately to sleep.

Lily ended up in and out of the pack and play many times. She finally wore herself out and passed out on the twin mattress in the play room.

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A-M said...

Oh I remember those days. Your heart sinks when you hear them still awake... especially when you really need time out! My hubby and I were sitting there the other morning trying to remember just one second of our boys as babies... it was hard..... even after years of nappies and feeding and sleep deprivation. The new memories take over as they grow older and you can't even imagine them as babies again as they have become real people with predictable personalities. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. I have found a lighting company here in Australia that can copy the lights that I want. The US ones are the wrong voltage anyway... rats! Have a great weekend. A-M xx