Thursday, June 05, 2008

Playschool Week 4 - Being Helpful/Friends

Here is a peak into Jessica's playschool 'agenda'.

Each day she starts with a 'sensory activity', basically a bucket with treasures based on the theme, buried in rice, dirt, etc. Then they move on to their 'art' activity. Each day they also have an 'exercise' time with some physical play.

The agenda and theme are a good way for her to plan the time. The kids stay really engaged. They are happy and behave well when they are kept busy.

The kids are really enamoured with her, can you tell why? I wish I was spaghetti paining right now...

Sensory Table
· Dry beans or popcorn

· Spaghetti painting

Sensory Activity
· Gak

· Each child make their own PBJ sandwiches
· Wash and scrub deck and tables with soap and scrub brushes

· Rolling
· Red light/green light game

· (jessica from Family Connections)

What to bring
· Cooked spaghetti
· Bread, peanut butter, jelly and large tongue depressors
· Gak (jessica)

This was the last session, I hope she will sign up for another month.

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Smooch said...

She's signed up. She just hadn't done the lesson plan, but next week is "transportation". Should be popular w/ Will.