Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holden Six Months

photo by Scott Stater

Holden will be six months old this friday. He is the cutest little thing. I'm a bit sad that our baby days are numbered.

He had his six month check up early, they let us fit it in last week when I took all the kids to the doctor for their bad colds.


  • Weight 18 lbs 6 oz (50%)
  • Height 25 3/4 inches (25%) this is the same height as Evan and his six months
  • Head 44 cm

The doctor was surprised to hear that not only is Holden rolling over as expected by six months, he is sitting unassisted and crawling and has been for a few weeks now.

The other day I was bathing the trio in my bath which is near the family room. Holden crawled all the way over to check on us.

Holden is also beginning to pull him self up to standing so we had to lower his crib this week to keep him from toppling out.

He is still as happy as ever and the picture above captures the grin he gives freely. Every morning when he wakes up in our bed he smiles bright and starts cooing and squealing. He is irresistable.

photo by Scott Stater


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby! I regularly go back to Scott's pictures to enjoy all the smiles. Love, Gram

MaryBeth said...

He is adorable... before you know it he'll be a part of your toddler gang!!

Denise Wheeler said...

Wow! He is such a handsome little guy. Glad to hear he is doing so well.

Heather McAdam said...

He is just beautiful! Those eyes are just gorgeous. I can't believe he is crawling already though. Guess he wants to keep up with his sister and brothers.