Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Surviving Summer

We've had a slight reprieve from a string of 100 degree days. Thank you tropical depression Edouard. But we have a couple more months of hot Texas weather ahead of us.

Our survival plan includes lots of popsicles, plenty of water and indoor playtime after 11am.

Top indoor activities:

  • Playing with Thomas train table (logged tons of hours on the new table already)

  • Climbing and jumping on the sofa and making tents is a close second favorite

  • Reading books or dancing to music or both (tonight we danced and read 'we all go traveling by' which comes with it's own CD)

  • Art in their highchairs - they will color for about 5 minutes before mealtime

  • Watch favorite DVDs babyscapes alphabet and Thomas or Tubbies and Sesame Street on TiVo

  • 'Shock and Awe' - grab a big bin of toys and dump it out in the living room (it's better to engage them in something specific but this can be an excellent 20 minute diversion to buy time when running low on energy)

  • In the early evenings we typically spend about 30 minutes playing on the front porch where there is shade and a breeze

How are you going to survive the rest of summer?

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GrammaG said...

Lily in a dress! wow, is she feeling more positive about dresses? I believe this photo would be a good Keen picture.