Saturday, August 30, 2008

First day at the beach

We spent this Labor Day at Port Aransas with my parents. Our rented beach house has decks looking out to a lagoon on one side, farmland on another, and 100 yards to the dunes from the front. A couple hundred feet of boardwalk through the dunes brings you to the beach.

Upon arriving today, we headed off for the kids first beach experience. And wow... they LOVED it.

Across the boardwalk.

Uncle Chris and Papa introduce Lily and Evan's toes to the Gulf of Mexico. At first they aren't so sure. Lily is proudly sporting her new pink polka dot bathing suit from G.G.

"The ocean is wonderful!" This kind of true joy happens rarely in life. How great to capture it when it happens. Papa, Tia, and mom provide support. This is sure to be the first of many trips to the beach. Fortunately their Grandma Gloria lives in Florida close to many great beaches. :)

Holden hanging with Grammy, in burnt orange (from uncle Jason) ready for the horns opening game.

Evan makes daddy proud and befriends a group of nice young ladies. Here Evan and Will reap the rewards in their borrowed tubes.

Papa and Tia guide Evan and Will through the waves.

We all returned to the beach house safe and tired, concerned about Gustav but optimistic about the rest of the vacation.


GrammaG said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the childrens first beach day! These happy faces tell the story of the joy that sand and surf bring!
Here's to many more beach memories.

MaryBeth said...

Hope that Gustav didn't ruin your beach time!! It looks like the ocean was a big hit with your crew... my girls loved it too!