Thursday, October 02, 2008

When the House is Finished...

Our house is almost finished...we are so close. They finished staining the floors this week and we are waiting for them to dry. Next week the appliances go in, the deck, fence and gate get built and the final paint punch list should be completed.

I'm hoping we can move in next weekend and it will be none to soon. I keep finding myself saying, when the house is finished I've have more *time/space* to...

- cook and bake without three directly underfoot pulling everything off the counter.
- spend time with the kids instead of meeting with contractors
- finally read those parenting toddler books
- get organized
- have a full night sleep, our rooms will not be right on top of each other
- have a peaceful shower without a toddler kicking on the door, our master bath is right of the living space in our rental
- have friends over, our rental is just too gloomy and cramped to enjoy company

Not to mention we will not miss some of the less than attractive features of our rental...the acoustical tiles in the ceiling, painted over tile in the bath, little natural light, windows painted shut. Doesn't it sound lovely? We will feel a bit decadent in our new house.

The nice thing about our rental is that we haven't had to be uprooted from our community, our friends and neighbors. We can still enjoy our park. And we have been able to walk over and check on the house or fit in a contractor meeting at a moment's notice without shleping all over town. The big open yard has been great and our landloards are very nice.

BUT we are so glad that the end of our project is near.


Denise Wheeler said...

I can't wait to see the house all finished! I am so excited for you!

Jeremy said...

Is it done?

You guys must be so happy...