Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day at Dell. They offered voluntary separation packages so that they can hopefully avoid layoffs. It ended up being the nudge I needed to leave work and stay at home with the kids.

Before it was just too difficult for me to give up a part time position with a good salary and benefits. I was only in the office three days so I could still be home with the kids most of the week. It felt like a good compromise. But with the offer of almost a half a year pay it tipped the scales to staying home full time. It feels like good timing now that the 'big kids' are two. They are needing more individual attention and new activities.

Being home will allow me to get them out of the house more for trips to the zoo or nature center. We will be able to do some more activities like swimming classes. And I'll be able to get a better handle on our home routines, like meal planning or seemingly simple stuff like getting the day started. I'm keeping Carmen. I need her right now so that we can get out of the house and so I can spend the individual time with my kids that I have been craving.

It is a big transition. It feels good to close that chapter of my life and look to what is next. This past week I was able to reflect on my six years of work then let go of all those old work files and emails. I feel lighter. Someday I do want to work again but taking some time away will help me figure out what I really want to do and in the meantime spend some meaningful time with my children.


Denise Wheeler said...

Congrats! I would be thrilled if I could stay home with the kiddos full time. Like you, I only work 3-4 days a week. Sometimes, I think that makes it harder when I am home. I am glad to hear that you will be able to spend time with the 4 munchkins like they need and you want. :)

betty said...


Misty said...

Congratulations on getting your time back! You will love it.
My girls also LOVE to jump on the beds.
Enjoy you new adventure!

Heather McAdam said...

Very exciting Jen! I'm glad things came together to give you the opportunity. Enjoy!

Heather McAdam said...

Very exciting Jen! I'm glad things came together to give you the opportunity. Enjoy!

Bisang Family said...

Go Jenn, I'm so jealous! Enjoy it and those beautiful kids!