Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo Day

I am totally wiped out, we had our photo session this morning. That meant getting outfits ready, new shoes (this is a whole other story. let's just say it was soo bad carmen called our shoe shopping trip a 'scandal'. I actually want to return one pair but not sure if I can show my face in Sandy's again.), and a emergency hair cut for Will. Really they all could have benefited from a haircut but we just had them cut barely over a month ago! Will's trim could not wait. His hair was a mess, it is more straight and so won't sweep to the side as it grows out.

To compound things, David is in Chicago so this morning I had to get everyone up, fed, dressed myself. Once Carmen got here I was able to take a moment to get myself dressed.

We took some photos in the park. It was a bit chaotic, with kids running every direction. The climbed to the top of the baseball field bleachers which made me very nervous. We were not out long before they decided to play in the water fountain and then in the dirt in the baseball diamond. Soon everyone was a mess. We came back in for a break, clean faces, new shirts then some more shots in the backyard. We were able to get one group shot, enticed my popsicles.

Our nanny Carmen also got her first professional photo taken. I hope some turn out great. I want to give her a photo of herself as a gift that she can send to her three children in Mexico.

And god bless her, afterwards she packed them up in their train and took them on a walk so I could get a rest and blog after this exhausting morning. Wheh! I hope we captured a few good pics to make all the effort worthwhile.


Margot said...

How sad a commentary that she has to leave her own three children to look after yours!

Jennifer said...

Margot, yes, it is very hard on her. and she can't even go and visit them. she is saving every penny and putting the oldest through college. She is planning on returning in two years and buying a house with her husband where they can live with her mother and other two children.