Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My mom, Carmen and I packed the kids up and took them to Sea World San Antonio today. One of my best friends and college roommate Marisa met us at the park with her mom and new baby Olivia.

This morning the Griswolds we arrive at Walley World Sea World and find the parking lots strangely silent and empty.

At first congratulating ourselves for arriving early, we soon encounter security guards who tell us, "Sorry Folks, parks closed for education day."

Incredulous and slightly bonkers , I roll down all the windows and tell the guard to look at the four sad little faces that we packed up and brought all the way from Austin. Without any promises they finally decided to let us enter and try our luck talking to the guards at the gate, so we drove up to the first row and parked.

We unloaded everyone for more effect and walked to the desolate entrance where a handful of security guards stood. (I wish that I had captured that on camera)

After some negotiations we were allowed in the park, no tickets required. There were no shows today or vendors but the park was practically empty and we had the dolphin encounter and coral reef almost to ourselves.

By lunch time we were getting hungry and they closed down the attractions for the school kids to have lunch so we headed across town to the San Antonio Zoo. The kids ended up enoying their vacation and we plan to return to visit Sea World again soon, on a day the park is actually open.


Denise Wheeler said...

I love Sea World! Let me know and maybe we can plan to go the same day, if you wouldn't mind the intrusion of virtual strangers and another set of triplets. Sea World is by far my most favorite park! I love our zoo too.

Jennifer said...

Denise, that would be great. we are planning on going back April 30th. let me know if you can join us. I bought fun passes which are $55 right now and you can return unlimited. you guys probably have season passes. i want to go a few times before the kids are three and need tickets.