Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lily took a tumble today at the playground and split her chin open on the steps of the play scape. Our ER visit was quite an ordeal, she was terrified and would not cooperate. They came very close to putting her under but in the end gave her some sedation and held her down for her four stitches. Daddy arrived just in time for the gory part, if he was ever a bit squeamish he has certainly gotten over that through being a dad. He was very brave and helped Lily stay as calm as possible. Our nurse confessed that he was exhausted after our visit.

It was a decent sized gash and pretty deep, just under her chin.

Afterwards we treated her to yogurt with mom and dad and all the toppings she wanted - chocolate with M and M's, chocolate chips and heath bar crunch, nice choice.


GrammaG said...

Dear Lily, I am sorry you had to have stitches on your chin.Being in the emergency room can be very scary.I am glad your Mom and Dad treated you to a yogurt after wards.. Hugs GG

David said...

Thankfully Jennifer kept her Flip video camera off during the procedure. You guys don't want to see it, believe me!