Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sink or Swim

Evan swimming to Gwen. She says he has a swimmer's body.

Lily floating on her own.

Will swiming to grab rings on the steps which he found exciting and terrifying at the same time.

We started a week long intensive swim lesson course this week for the trips with Gwen Hurst. It has been traumatic for everyone, lots of tears and everyone has vomited copious amounts of water. But we have persisted, here we are having completed the third day and everyone is already swimming on their own. Today was particularly rough because she had them jump (or rather pulled them) into the pool from the side and they had to come up and swim to the side and pull themselves out all on their own. They all did it successfully.

Not all are happy about it. They have all told me that they don't want to swim, 'it is too scarey mommy.' As you can see in our videos, Evan is still terrified but swimming well, probably the best of the three. Lily was all nerves holding her tummy saying it hurt today before class but is doing well. Will switched over from terrified to being scared but having a little pride of success today. He told me 'mommy, take my picture', in between yelps.

I can't say I love this method, but all the parents I have talked to say by the last day the kids are swimming and happy and the parents are glad they stuck it out. Our kids are all climbers and our neighbors have a pool so I do feel some urgency to get them at a basic survival skill level of swimming as soon as possible. Also, our park pool opens this weekend and it will be a lot more fun for them and us if they have some swim skills. Although I found out today that Carmen doesn't know how to swim. I may be signing her up next...

Will 'Just Like Nemo'

Evan 'Will Someone Save Me'
(warning: not a happy camper)

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GrammaG said...

GG is super impressed with the progress the trips have made. I am also proud of their parents who watched their terrified children cry but continued with the learning experience....They did learn to save themselves. Good Job!