Sunday, June 14, 2009


David had the great idea to take the family to a Round Rock Express game last night. The whole local family joined us for a sweltering (high was 100) but fun filled evening. My dad, David's parents, Jason, Chris, Christy & Jack all made it to the game.

The kids played on the play scape and bounce house behind the field. Then watched part of the game while enjoying their first ballpark peanuts that Jason showed them how to open.

Holden probably enjoyed the music the most and entertained us with his clapping and dance moves.

Evan (our 'E') got his very own ball cap that says 'E-Train' and wore it to bed last night. Here he is with his Pato, who he wanted to also have a hat for the photo.


bonnie said...

your family is darling - love your blog.

Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute! Maybe we should think about taking the trio to a ball game. I love reading your blog, you give me such great ideas! I took the kiddos to Sweet Berry Farms, after your post of course. It was great.