Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm loving this garden business. The garden itself is a bit of a messy jungle but I'm enjoying our produce. We just started harvesting our tomatoes, Carmen and I decided to pick some of the larger tomatoes and let them ripen in the window to protect them from creatures and pests. They are absolutely delicious.

I was able to harvest only one large cucumber but it was incredibly fresh and crisp, yum. We have a couple baby cucumbers trying to make it, I hope they continue to grow. A few other beginning cukes didn't make it.

For some reason my pepper plants are not taking off. I got one small banana pepper from one plant but the other two have not grown much or produced anything. The pumpkin plant grew an impressive vine but no fruit yet. This is definitely a learning process for me and for the kids. I like that they get to see first hand how their food grows.

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GrammaG said...

The fruits of your labor are impressive! I don't have many sunny spots appropriate for a garden, but I would like to try a garden the next season.