Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Secret Ingredient

A few weeks ago I had a happy accident. When making my usual bran muffins I added too much water, so in a pinch I threw in some chocolate cake mix to thicken up the batter. The results were delicious and still pretty healthy. I've been adding a bit of cake mix ever since, about 1/4 a box. I guess I should take out some of the bran mix to be precise but instead I just add a bit more water and/or applesauce to get the texture I want.

They are easy to make. I use Hodgson Mill Bran Muffin Mix (you need two boxes for a dozen cupcakes), then add 2 eggs, 1 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons butter (or oil). I like to mix things up by adding either applesauce, raisins (dredged in flour if I have the time, if not just throw them in), chopped apples or chocolate chips. I was feeling decadent this week so went with the chocolate chips.

My friend Julie uses honey, vanilla soy milk (instead of milk), unsweetened applesauce and raisins which is a nice combination. What is your secret ingredient?


Dorinda said...

How goes the toddler beds? Doing any better? Have you tried putting the kids to bed later? Does it help? We don't put the girls down till 8:30 or so when they seem tired. We also never let them out of their cribs.

Mornings are a different story - I hear them up in there yelling at each other and talking like mad - so I guess it's a no win either way!

Do you seperate them for naps? How early do they go down? How late do they get up? Mine are down from 1 to 4 (they rarely sleep that long but they are seperate and have plenty of quiet time)

Jennifer said...

Dorinda, thanks for checking in.

We started putting the kids to bed later, close to 8:30pm because no matter what we do the kids seem to fall sound asleep just after 9pm.

It is easier to putting them back in bed without giving them any attention for less than an hour versus two hours plus. I have a theory that if i stick to this they will eventually give up trying to get my attention.

the kids wake up at 6:30am and I have to let them out or they will start ripping off their diapers. i guess we could try duct tape.

they are doing great for naps, with nanny or grandma. sometimes they will nap for me. but they are probably napping to long and too late for the earlier bedtime we want. i think the long days of summer interfere. even though the windows are covered some lights get through