Sunday, July 26, 2009

Found Them!

Thank goodness we found Pato and Puppy. Our housekeeper had put them away with the dolls. When Evan got his duck back he said, "Oh, my Pato, I love my Pato mommy". Maybe this means things will turn around for us.

Last night the kids were sick. Will couldn't sleep and so slept with us the first half of the night. When David returned him to his bed early morning he discovered Evan had vomited and had a fever so he spent the rest of the night in our bed. Lily woke up with a fever too.

Multiples moms, does anyone's dining room look like this after dinner? After meals we have food everywhere, on the table, under the table, smeared on the chairs and booster seats, a bit usually hits my curtains (so happy I had them teflon coated before they were made, food wipes off pretty easily) Last night I wasn't feeling too great, so I left the kitchen and dining room a disaster. I always clean it before going to bed because it is just too much to face early in the morning when it is time to cook breakfast again. So this morning we had that to deal with as well as sick kids.

While I was cleaning the kitchen, the boys started pulling all the books of our bookshelves. I finally coerced Will into putting them back on the shelf. Soon after I was back to cleaning Evan stole the counter spray and was spraying down all the books *sigh* . No church today since we have sick kiddos. I was looking forward to putting Lily in her new dress.


The day did turn around a bit. The kids fevers seemed to break and everyone was in good spirits. I'm hopeful that this was just a mild 24 hour bug.

We packed a picnic and took the kids to Little Stacey Park wading pool for some swimming and play time. The pool is shady and the deepest part is only two feet, so we only had to stay right on top of Holden. He is usually in our arms or relegated to the pool stairs so he loved the freedom. We picnicked (yea, no mess) then let the kids play on the playground before heading home.

Everyone went straight to nap without much protest and they are all still sleeping, David included. I had a shower, caught a power nap, made dinner and prepped coffee for the morning. Once everyone awakens we will probably ride trikes around the park until dinner.


GrammaG said...

So sorry to hear about the sick kiddos. That is certainly not fun for the children or the parents...and I am so happy pato and puppy were found. Whew!
I miss you all like crazy!

betty said...

my dining room would look like that, so i'm never letting them out of high chairs. ;)