Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brocoli Lovers

Our gang has this uncanny love for broccoli and will horde it or given the opportunity steal florets from their sibling's plates. And yet they turn their nose up to creamy mashed potatoes with butter. Nuts.


Andrea said...

Okay, so what's your secret? You inspired me to buy some today, but my kids wouldn't eat it without ranch to dip it in. Do you do anything special to yours? Very impressive!

Jennifer said...


Dipping is great way to get toddlers to eat anything. Good job!

I'm not sure why mine love broccoli, i think they just have a taste for it. Although it helps that we call them 'trees' and we introduced veggies early and often. I'd recommend to at least put a sprig or two on their plate of some type of veggie every day and let them see you eating it! Anything that is on our plate they instantly want.

good luck!

Tia Christy said...

I was inspired by your blog and introduced brocolli to Jack. He loved it too! Thanks!