Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Patch

Last week we visited our local pumpkin patch. The same one where we took our sleepy pumpkins when the trips were just a month old. They all ran in different directions to explore the pumpkins, discovering to their delight and our dismay that they roll quite easily down the hill or in Holden's case keeping busy putting small pumpkins in people's bags. I'm sure someone came home with an extra pumpkin or two including the lady below in red.

Evan proudly displays his pumpkins. Later he decides he would rather have a gourd.

Memo carefully peruses the miniature pumpkin pile.

Memo ends up selecting a green pumpkin. No surprise there as he is into all things green these days.

Lily obliges me with a photo op and a smile, saying 'pumpkin pie!'. In turn GG made a delicious pumpkin pie for us in the afternoon.


GrammaG said...

You can not imagine how much I miss these sweet grandchildren.
I might just sneak one of the children home with me the next time I visit.

GrammaG said...

Did you know there is a Canned Pumpkin shortage?