Monday, November 30, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Getting ready for the Christmas holidays. Lily and Evan got fresh hair cuts today, well overdue. And we may just try to get a family holiday photo this weekend. If anything like our prior attempts we will just do individual photos this year. I'll post some Christmas photo outtakes in a bit.

Afterward the kids ran around and enjoyed the Christmas decorations.

And Holden enjoyed some peace and quiet while we were out. By the way, he adores his new big kid bedding. I wish I had videoed him when we showed him his new bed. He was ecstatic, squealing and jumping on the bed for over thirty minutes, pointing out the buses, motorcycles and cars. We couldn't get him to leave his room. He always was happy to go to bed, but now he is even more eager to jump in at naptime or bedtime. And the boys are more than green with envy. Evan wants a big bed too, but will have to wait a bit longer. I'm not quite ready to buy three more twin beds and bedding for our three big kids.

If you are wondering why Holden has a big bed and the kids are still in their toddler beds, it is because Holden never did take to his crib, he transitioned from our bed to a twin bed next to his toddler bed. He would never sleep in it. I've been planning on moving Lily into his room and him in with the boys, but I finally realized that it was going to be later than sooner and that I should probably finish the room as a little boy's room for now. And my efforts were greatly rewarded with smiles, kisses and big a 'Tank you mommy!'

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GrammaG said...

I have to agree with Holden, that is pretty special bedding. He looks so happy in his bed.
I loved all the pictures of the children. They are so precious...But what do I know, I am only their grandmother.
Thanks again for sharing their lives with me. I know you are so busy, but I look forward to your blog.