Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marathon Man

If you are wondering where we've been. We were hit with the plague and are just now coming up from air....

8 dr visits
4 ear infections
4 cases of pink eye
1 sinus infection
maybe RSV
and more than half a dozen types of antibiotics later we are all feeling better.

Despite the lack of sleep David still managed to run his first marathon on Valentines day in 4 hrs 22 mins (10 min miles). I wish I had some photos because he looked great and we all went out to cheer him on at mile 18 and 22. We had planned to go earlier but once we were loaded in the car I discovered the battery was dead - probably from one of the kids playing with some button and leaving it on. Anyway, my neighbor generously helped us out and we were back on our way just in time to make the later end of the race.

Evan said, 'Dad! You got a digimedal!' (all you parents to toddlers with Oso fans may get the reference) It was very exciting and we are all very proud of our champion.

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Joelle said...

love the digi-medal reference! that is awesome... :)