Saturday, August 28, 2010

Countdown to the Beach

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Counting down the days to our beach vacation...We are staying at this amazing ocean front house in Panama City Beach, FL.  David's parents, my mom and a friend and our nanny Carmen will be joining us.  We will also be celebrating the trip's 4th birthday while at the beach - robots and princess theme.

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This is where we'll be enjoying our morning coffee.


GrammaG said...

This grandmother is so eager to see each and every one of you.

erika said...

we move into McBeach tomorrow! you come the week after! i will leave you notes of my favorites in the area... i hope you and the mister can get away for a nice adult evening!! you're gonna love it - it's beyond kid friendly! and not bad for the adults either!! ;)

GrammaG said...

I certainly hope you and David can get away for a few evenings, We plan to make that happen.

Happy Home said...

Thanks Erika! Enjoy your vacation...we can't wait. I just made a reservation at Caliz per Miki's suggestion for our date night. She said you and Darby went for your birthday.

We also will add picking up Buddy's steamed shrimp and a visit to Boon Docks to our list.

And of course lots of beach time and playing with the kids.

erika said...

and make sure to have breakfast at the Red Bar (in Grayton Beach)! i'll leave you my top 10 on the kitchen island! sloane will be celebrating her first birthday there on Thursday! miki is the greatest, she's been emailing us all week. she's hilarious. one email said "ps: if you go to Target make sure you don't wear a red shirt and khakis. i did that once and they made me bring in the shopping carts and I didn't get home til 9:30pm"