Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Sunset

Sunset at McBeach
We've arrived at McBeach and enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the beach. The kids (and adults) were so enamoured with the house we had to wrangle everyone to get out.  We were rewarded for our travels with beautiful white sand and a gorgeous sunset.
Kid's first Sunset

Lily Clare gets a better view
Evan Relaxing in the Baby Pool
Steamed shrimp and key lime pie for dinner from Buddy's Seafood


GrammaG said...

Buddy's is a wonderful seafood market. We have enjoyed shrimp and Scallops so far. Both delicious...Doesn't get any better!

Sarah said...

I stumbled upon your blog after reading about another blogger's trip to McBeach. I was trying to find out how to rent this amazing house and when I entered "McBeach" into google I found your cute site. Could you give me the contact info to rent out this house? Thanks :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah,

You will love McBeach. Email me at teamfreas@gmail.com and I will give you their contact info.