Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall at Sweetberry Farm

Will was so excited to go to the farm that he woke me up at 5am, 'Mom! Can we go to the farm now!?'  'Not till the sun comes up.'  The kids were not dissapointed. There was plenty to see and do...

Barrel train rides for the little guys...

Complete with 'pig' haybales.

Flower picking.

and more flower picking.

The kids could not get enough of the goats.  Louise, our neighbor brought a big bucket of feed for the goats that the kids zoomed through. Then Will was hitting up every mom to give him some more.  We are putting Pure Luck goat farm on our must see list. They make the most awesome goat cheese too, yum.

Hay ride with our neighbors.  After our full day, the boys were asleep before we were even out of Marble Falls.

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GrammaG said...

Thanks Louise for bringing goat food!