Thursday, October 07, 2010

One Last Beach Post

A few final favorite photos from our beach trip.  I read a book recently on happiness (I think it is literally named Happiness).  Anyway, it recommended spending your disposable income on vacations rather than 'things'.  The idea is that beyond your basic needs you get more enjoyment from vacations and the memories you build than from buying stuff.  When you purchase something you get immediate gratification but the good feelings or 'happiness quotient' diminishes rapidly.  The author found that no surprise, people gain pleasure and good memories from vacations, but that also people tend to quickly forget the inconveniences or parts of the vacation that didn't go so well but remember the good parts so basically the vacation keeps on giving or building your happiness.

Hanging with dad in the beautiful blue sea.

Surfer girl, Lily Clare.

Catching some waves with a little help from dad.

Treasure hunting with GG.

Grammy Clare. You can see where Evan got those long legs.

The gang enjoying the view.


GrammaG said...

I certainly had a memorable,wonderful week at the beach. I hope we are able to go again.

Anonymous said...

Which beach is that? Beautiful!

David said...

Panama City Beach. Soft powder white sand and good shell hunting opportunities.